What is the difference between a College and a Hotel?

St Andrew's College, Dining Hall
Dining Hall, St Andrew’s College, the University of Sydney
A College is quite different from a hotel; providing comfortable surroundings for students during the University terms and visitors during University holidays.

Colleges usually have a dining hall, several common rooms some with TV or fireplace and tea & coffee making facilities. Some colleges have communal gardens, a library as well as sporting grounds.

During the University holidays guests can enjoy the colleges tranquil grounds and use of common areas as well as facilities.

Please note: there is no room service and rooms may not be serviced on a daily basis. Further you are usually expected to carry your own bags to your room. Reception hours are often normal business hours with someone on call after hours.

A College is home for students during the University term and each room has at least a bed, desk and desk chair. Rooms vary in size.

Some Colleges have new wings and the rooms in these wings may have ensuite bathrooms, however, often College rooms have shared bathroom facilities.