How can I cancel or amend a booking?
You can cancel and amend your bookings through the ‘Make a booking’ section. This can be found on our home page, the college page or on the pages of the individual colleges.

How do I contact the College where I will be staying?
Contact information are included in your booking confirmation.

What is a College?
A College is a student residence, which also provides academic tutorials to students during the term. Most Colleges are located on University campuses. Many Colleges were established more than one hundred years ago and some have religious affiliations. Colleges are also referred to as dorms, dormitories, student housing and campus housing.

What is the difference between a College and a Hotel?
A College is quite different from a hotel; providing comfortable surroundings for students during the University terms and visitors during University holidays, Colleges usually have a dining hall, several common rooms some with TV or fireplace and tea & coffee making facilities. Some colleges have communal gardens, a library as well as sporting grounds.
During the University holidays guests can enjoy the colleges tranquil grounds and use of common areas as well as facilities. Please note: there is no room service and rooms may not be serviced on a daily basis. Further you are usually expected to carry your own bags to your room. Reception hours are often normal business hours with someone on call after hours.
A College is home for students during the University term and each room has at least a bed, desk and desk chair. Rooms vary in size. Some Colleges have new wings and the rooms in these wings may have ensuite bathrooms, however, most College rooms have shared bathroom facilities.

What is the difference between a College and a Hostel?
Hostels usually have multiple beds in each room whereas Colleges only have one or two beds in each room. Colleges usually don’t have a kitchen for guests’ use. Most Colleges offer casual guests Bed and Breakfast rates and include breakfast in the room rate. Other meals may be available at an extra charge. These meals are usually buffet style and have a good variety of hot food and salads.

Are the rooms empty or do students leave some things behind?
The rooms will not have any student items left behind as the students have to remove all their belongings before they leave the College. The rooms will be vacated, cleaned and prepared for guests.

Beds - What sizes are they and how many people fit in each room?
A single room has one single bed (92cm x 187cm, 3′ x 6’2″) and is suitable for one person.
Double rooms are suitable for two persons and have one double bed (137cm x 187cm, 4’6″ x 6’2″ ) unless otherwise stated.
Twin rooms ares suitable for two persons and have two single beds (92cm x 187cm, 3′ x 6’2″).

Are we allowed extra guests in rooms?
Strictly no extra guests are allowed in rooms. Extra mattresses, blow up beds, and two guests sharing a single bed is not permitted under any circumstances.

Are linen and towels provided?
Linen and towels are provided unless otherwise stated.

Are there any rules?
Generally guests are asked to keep noise to a minimum. You are expected to respect the College’s house rules. If you plan to have a loud party then a College is not the place to stay.

What about smoking?
Colleges do not allow smoking inside the College and some have a policy of no smoking within the grounds. Please respect the College’s house rules.

Am I allowed to bring children?
The easiest way to find this out is to enter the correct age bracket of all guests during the booking process. This ensures that only those properties allowing children will show. There are no discounted rates in place for children.

All children over 2 years of age must have their own bed. If you have a child aged 2 years or under, they are normally able to sleep in a travel cot which must be provided by you. In this case, firstly you should find a Vendor suitable for young children by entering your child in the correct age category on the search form. Once you have browsed the rooms and facilities and have decided which Vendor is most suitable, please then make your search again leaving out the baby from the Under 10 category on the search form, book your chosen room(s) and write in the Additional Information section that you are bringing a baby and will provide a travel cot. If there is a problem with having a travel cot the Vendor will contact you.

What are the shared bathrooms like and what is an ensuite bathroom?
Shared bathrooms are located on the corridor. They have basins for general use and there are separate cubicles with a shower in each as well as separate cubicles with a toilet in each. In some Colleges men and women use the same bathrooms, in other Colleges the bathrooms are separated into men’s and women’s bathrooms. An ensuite bathroom is a private bathroom off the bedroom.

What hours is reception open?
This varies from College to College. Most receptions are open during normal business hours on Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm. If reception is closed on the weekends and in the evenings then there is usually someone on call for emergencies.

Can't find the availability you want?
Our website is always up to date with the availability that each property has loaded onto the system. If you are attempting to book far in advance, it may be worth returning to the website at a later date as most rooms are made available between two and three months in advance.

Please note that some destinations have age restrictions relating to children.

Are you having difficulties making a payment?
Suggestions include:

  • Check that your internet connection is reliable
  • Check that your card has sufficient clearance to make the payment
  • Check that your bank is not blocking the payment

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please try using a different credit / debit card.

We are unable to take bookings over the phone and cannot make any reservations without full payment of the amount due.

Can rooms be reserved without payment?
It is not possible to make any reservations without full payment of the amount due at the time of booking. We are also unable to take bookings over the phone.

Do you require a receipt?
The booking confirmation email that you should have received having finalised your booking qualifies as a receipt. We are unable to issue any other forms of receipts or invoices.

Am I entitled to a promotion or discount?
Promotion codes are only issued in very exceptional circumstances, by individual venues, and not in response to requests.